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Amber jewelry is becoming more and popular all over the world for its beauty and medical values.  It is very important the origin of amber. The most valuable Amber is Baltic amber from Lithuania. We know that Baltic amber is called Lithuanian Gold not in vain. 

Our hand - crafted jewelry includes amber bead necklaces, bracelets, and anklets as well.  Without any doubts Child-of-Sun artisans use only beads from Genuine Baltic Amber. Bead after bead they are knotted carefully adding love and warmth as well.  If you will take our Amber in your hands and will hold it slightly, you will feel that it oneness conveys only warmness, love and faith.

Certainly safety and high quality are guaranteed. All our amber jewelry has the certificates of safety and authenticity, which are provided in the accredited laboratories.

Child-of-Sun produces Amber jewelry for babies, children, teenagers and adults as well. As our baby jewelry is made only from Baltic amber it is very valued due to soothing properties when baby has teething.  Wearing our amber necklaces or amber bracelets baby feels calmer, teething pain considerably reduces and it makes the baby and the mother happier. It is stylish and useful to wear amber jewelry for children and teenagers as well as amber has many healthful properties. Amber has a positive effect on the nervous system, helps to concentrate during studying time, and stimulates the immune system. Amber jewelry for adults has popularity due to its positive affects as well.  Child-of-Sun artisans also offer the Luxury Amber collection, which is characterized as stylish and innovative.

Amber is beautiful material for jewelry as it has a lot of natural amber colors which have nice names such as lemon, honey, milky, green, cherry, and others.  The colors of amber can be mixed according to your wishes. Some combinations became as standard and very popular between our customers. Such blends as cherry with lemon, honey with lemon or very nice combination from various colors of amber, which is called a rainbow, are loved by children and adults.

Also, two different styles of amber beads are using for making amber jewelry.  Amber bead can unpolished, equally, this style is called raw amber, and polished unpolished amber. These styles of amber can be mixed as well as colors of amber.

In order to create the most beautiful and the most interesting amber jewelry designs, we use a variety of amber shapes. Baroque shaped amber is a nearly round shape and it can be described as smoothly rounded amber shape. Olive-shaped amber is similar to bean and that is why sometimes it is called bean shaped amber.  Also, the nugget shaped amber (or chips) can be used when making amber jewelry. This shape has rougher edges, it is similar to amber bean shape but less smooth. Amber jewelry is still fascinated by the fact that each piece of amber is different as they are handmade. However, the Amber beads can be classified according to the sizes. Baby amber beads size beads - 4-6 mm and adult amber size - 6-8 mm.

There is a wonderful process of creation of amber jewelry, conveying the natural beauty and amber healing miracles for people all over the word. Child-of-Sun company mission is making people smile and joy as well as taking care of nature.


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