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 About Us 

Child of Sun – natural baby and family products

Amber teething necklaces, natural toys, amber jewelry, natural linen and cotton towels and other accessories: all our products are made in Lithuania from organic materials. Another fabulous feature is that most of them are also handmade, which is why they are so lovely and warm!
Each product undergoes a high quality test, and only afterwards reaches the shop. Our team works in the amber market for over 8 years now; our experience with linen and cotton towels is over 4 years, and over 6 years in natural toys and bibs.

We are always open for innovations and constantly try new markets and new products. We love to add up to our selection, and we are serious about the quality: each product is thoroughly tested and studied.

Our company is one of the market leaders because of our quality products, fast and reliable service, direct communication with customers and knowledge of their needs, many years of experience, commitment to our employees and of course the main thing – love and faith we put in our products, which makes them both beautiful and sweet.

Please keep in mind that Child of Sun is a wholesale company!

Welcome to our family!

We are professionals who love their work and want to share our products with you…But hold on, let us introduce themselves.

Everything started in our families. When we were raising our children, each of us begin to think about the wellbeing of our families. How to ensure the child's well-being? How to make a baby’s teething easier? How to make sure that after washing, he is encompassed in warm and soft towels which will not cause allergies? How to ease a sore throat?

We found answers to those questions ourselves. Our team offers you products which will make sure you family feels great!

Natural products, warmth, beauty and goodness - it's in all of our tasks.

We value all our artists who work with the products. They not only have to be professional in their work, but also carry a good mood and emotion - this is extremely important to us. We want to share all the love and good energy of our products with you!

We are also very active in protecting the environment. In our current project ‘From nature to nature’, we volunteer and support the construction and installation of nesting boxes in forests.

Let’s build bird homes together: by buying our products, you contribute to our charity projects as well!

And now, let’s get to the actual people who work and live in the Child of Sun world:


Jovita (Julia) is a single mother who has been working with amber for 8 years. She got especially interested in amber when her daughter was born: toothache! Only amber necklaces made her daughter feel better and saved Jovita from many sleepless nights.

Ever since, Jovita has been on top of the amber market in Lithuania.

She has very strict requirements for quality and performs all security and authenticity tests in order to provide exclusivity of the developed necklace. Because Jovita is a single mother, she is doing her best to help other single mums who need a job at home: lots of them enjoy taking care of the beads.

A year ago, Jovita decided to bring all the good friends and like-minded people together. The same vision: passion for nature, health, wellbeing, protection of nature and the environment and helping others now unifies a group of people! Now we are all one family! All of us are Children of the Sun! Please join us!!!!


Emilia is responsible for our lovely towels and always has the greatest ideas. After graduating in textile sciences, she took the maternity leave and began working with linen and cotton. She loves being creative and is passionately interested in natural fibers and their possibilities.

It’s been 4 years that she has been also working with flax and cotton. Her drawings largely inspired our Linen & Cotton products.

It is the warmth and care for the whole family. Everything you need is here! We pay extremely great attention to the quality of the product.

Durable and eco - friendly Linen & Cotton for You and Your Family! There's nothing like soft, quality Eco Linen & Cotton towel which is special: it provides comfort and leaves your skin smooth and refreshed. Naturally very absorbent, long lasting and anti-microbial!


Algimantas has been creating designs and actively participating in the amber market for nine years. He hails from Nida, a land naturally rich in amber, and his mother still sells amber jewelry to the holidaymakers. Amber passion transcends in Algimantas’ blood for generations.

Ever since he was a child, Algimantas was always interested in new opportunities to use amber, discover its distinctness, and revealing its beauty!

His last works are in our fabulous Luxury Black Amber collection! We share this beauty with for both adults, teens and children.

Algimantas has a rich portfolio of artwork in a lot of exhibitions in Europe, which has enjoyed great success!

Currently, he has teamed up with Emilia and created our Luxury sets- Black Amber with Black Linen sets for Him & Her.

Exquisite beauty and positive health effects together with new style now in Luxury Black Amber.

Algimantas – the creative core of our team


Rasa is our a toy creator and arts curator. When she was a little girl, all her lovely dolls were handmade by her and her mother themselves. Her childhood hobby became her passion: she has worked in the toy field for the past six years. With the innovative ideas for developing new toys, Rasa creates handmade toys which have won many prizes all over Europe. It is an integral part of her way of life. All toys are tested, and all have safety certificates.

Rasa presents our Child of the Sun natural toys - warmers.

These are not only for children to play with, but they are also naturally heated! The natural heater will help the baby feel better when he or she is ill with sinusitis, bronchitis, and abdominal pains. This is one of the best ways to care for your little one’s health.

Have a great time with the Child of Sun!

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