Luxury Black Amber Round bracelet for Both

Exclusive design, special processing amber bracelets.
Strung on elastic.

Product Code: LUX-18-189
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Luxury Black Amber round bracelet with RAW Amber

Dark polished amber, black amber
Weight: 10-20 gram
Length: 18-20 cm
Beads size: 12mm (the customer's request: we can realize bracelets from smaller beads - 8mm or 6mm)
* Raw amber unique shape of each bracelet

The uniquely colored natural amber piece in between highly technical orbs of machine-tooled dark matter explores the themes of tension between imagined future as seen from the past. Inimitable molten hues of primordial raw sunshine and systematic uniformity of orderly planet-like globules incorporate both ailienating and empowering effects of technology. Evoking the remote history as seen from the nostalgia-prone hereafter.

In this range of bracelets the sphere symbolizes completeness, unity, equality, and acceptance to us. Just like on the orb of the night sky no star is nearer or farther from the center than any other star-point on the sphere. Psycologycally circle represents totality since everything within a circle is one thing, which is encircled, enframed. That would be the spatial aspect. But the temporal aspect of the circle is that you leave someplace, go somewhere, and always come back.

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