We use products from nature and sell them to the world – natural Baltic amber, organic linen and cotton and so on. Participate, show your gratitude to nature and help us save birds together!

Part of the profits from your order Part goes to nesting-box production. Child Of Sun company supports and contributes to the conservation of birds. Together, we create a new home for birds: we build nesting boxes and put them into the trees for owls, bats, as well as tits and starlings. All funds raised will be used to protect the environment, care for the animals, and develop more opportunities to show how a growing number of forest inhabitants are discovering their new homes.

Get involved!

In Lithuania, there is a multitude of birds. They live in old and beautiful Lithuanian forests. But they have a lot of enemies - various animals as well as some people who are destroying their right of residence in the trees.

Owls usually breed in the hollows, have no permanent residence and are disappearing. The biggest enemy of owls are martens. Owl nesting boxes become safe houses.

Our team of volunteers make nesting-boxes in the forests where the owls need a new home.

Our team of volunteers Cab nesting-boxes in the forests where very need new home.

Let’s build new homes for birds together!