Amber teething necklace - Gemstone - Cherry color

Baltic Amber polished cherry with gemstone Lapis Lazuli, Aquamarine, Malachite, Turquoise, White Quartz. String color - Dark Red.

Product Code: GM-32-26
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This beautiful baby necklace is combining Amber beads and semi-precious stones. Amber is not a stone, it is a fossilized resin. When worn against the warm skin, succinic acid is released and absorbed into the baby body. It has an analgesic affect helping to reduce pain and inflammation. White quartz protects the aura and expands energy field, blue Aquamarine can be called a great irritated nervous system doctor, green malachite promotes keeping, turquoise and lapis lazuli  provides a lot of benefits as well.  

In Amber necklace/bracelet each beads knotted.
All Jewelry have Authentic Certificate and fulfills EN-71-1 safety requirements.

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