Business start

Hello to all our new partners! Thank you for coming.
We believe that together, we can do so much!

We offer you the best deals: you can start with our sample business packs.

You are welcomed to choose from Amber, Organic Linen & Cotton, Baby and Adult production.

Or perhaps you are interested in our Luxury production? Go ahead: anything is possible!

The sample pack price varies from 33 to 400 Euros, so everybody can pick their choice. We offer business packs for both start – up and professional entrepreneurs who are curious to try our new products.

You never know which product will be the most successful! However, we will be with you every step of the way and help you with your choices.

We wish you the best success, and hope we can make friends for life!

Why choose one of our business packs?

When you order one of our business packs, we offer great deals and discounts which allow you to try our products for a very modest price.

Now, let’s get to work and select the best BUSINESS STARTER PACK!!!

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Amber Set 44 Amber Set 44
Product name Products code Size (cm) Quantity Honey BP-32-00.....
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Luxury Collection of Amber Luxury Collection of Amber
Product name Products code Size (cm) Quantity for HIM Dark raw a.....
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